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Donation & Resale Services

Get Involved

Join the Mission’s team of volunteers and show compassion, love, and kindness to our neighbors in need.

When you shop at any of our resale stores or online, you are supporting programs of Twin City Mission, specifically the Doug Weedon Shelter of Hope.

Here's how you can help. 


Our stores offer low-cost clothing, housewares, furniture, books and kitchen items to the general public. We have a great selection of gently used, vintage, antique and one of a kind items. It is a fun family atmosphere and we hope to see you there.  ALL proceeds generated benefit our Clients.



 It is easy to support Twin City Mission through product or monetary donations.


To donate goods for resale, please drop them off at one of our four store locations.

Store Locations

All donations are tax-deductible. Our Second Chance 2 location is the official drop off location for Phoebe’s Home. Donations are also how we support our Community Closet. For a list of items we do not accept, please click here. 


To schedule a pick up for larger donations, call 979-822-7511.



 Twin City Mission’s Recycle yard located at 1208 San Jacinto Lane in Bryan accepts donations of corrugated cardboard. Many businesses and homeowners bring cardboard for us to recycle into 1200 pound bales which are then sold on the commodities market and is another revenue source for our programs. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.




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